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​Mood Company!

​Mood Company!

​Mood Company!

​Who is it?

​Hello! We are Mood Company - a sexual concept store that is filled with love and care for the modern Vietnamese community.

We're here to bring sexual conversations and products to light: where you're free - safe - open to choosing what makes you feel positive. 

At Mood Company, you will find intimate care products carefully selected by the Mood Team with genuine criteria - safety and understanding of what you need.

We also pursue the motto to bring products that are friendly to all genders, have high aesthetics & outstanding quality.




Over the years, sexual health has never been an open conversation in Vietnam.​

At Mood Company, we want to be a reliable place to chat, debug and reveal more in this colorful world.

​From there, we can all love our bodies, enjoy sex, and share it with our bed-lover in the healthiest way.

​The journey starts now

no-complex pleasure


Inspire you!

Everything starts with a thought, an inspiration! Mood is here to give you little positivity every day: a reminder to take care of yourself, to encourage you to believe in yourself, to explore the things you enjoy with you.

​Starting today, let's proudly enjoy the 'Comfort-free pleasure' with Mood!


We bring the best physiological & sexual products

Mood selects products based on your needs. We only work with leading, reputable suppliers; connect with the world sex-tech community to update the latest trends. 

​Mood does not hide information from you. Everything is accessible from packaging to products, easy to understand, easy to buy & easy to ask questions about the issues you care about.


Make sex an exciting conversation!

Conversations like PillowTalk Series at Mood are always 'hot' because of topics everyone cares about that... no one dares to talk about.

​See you in the next open-mic talk so that everyone can share and be shared about sex!


​Sex in the lecture hall

Mood was present at Fulbright University in a small talk about 'How to use the menstrual cup' & 'The active role of women in sex'

​Mood is interested in sharing what we know, updating information from the world sex-tech community and bringing knowledge to you.

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