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Super powerful vibrator

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​The most 'classic' choice!

Like a 'pioneer' in this industry, the Vibrator was one of the earliest inventions used as a vibrator. When it was invented in the 1900s, it was advertised as a full body massage device. Later discovered by chance by a woman trying to put it on a sensitive area.



​Wow! The 'vibrator' revolution begins!

In the 60s and 70s, when the wave of openness spread, society gradually became more aware of women's pleasure, the vibrator began to put on new, more perfect clothes, improved with new technologies. vibration technology is more suitable. The most famous at that time was the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrating pestle.




Well! There are tons of other options for women when it comes to pleasure: bullet vibrator, rabbit ear vibrator, pantyhose vibrator etc. But, to talk about a vibrator that really 'blows thoughts' in you, the vibrating pestle is definitely the perfect choice. The vibrator is longer, has a firmer grip, with a more diffuse wide-spectrum vibrating head (compared to point vibrators) and most importantly, the most powerful vibration of its kind!

You can even 'relax' maximum with vibrators when using them for neck - shoulder - nape and other points of need to release tension on the body.

Really powerful!

Le Wand logo.webp

Lewand is a high-end brand of vibrator founded by sexologist Alicia Sinclair, to bring classier quality and more trendy style to an industry that is inherently 'hidden' with poor quality products.


Alicia Sinclair - Founder of le WAND


Super strong

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lewand feature.png

User manual


When using the Vibrator, you will probably want to slowly 'warm up'. The Vibrator offers super strong vibrations so you will need to 'warm up' your body gradually. When using the Vibrator on a girl, start from the nearby areas such as the lower abdomen, navel.. then slowly move down the thigh, gradually into the inner thigh, feel the vibration. Finally, gradually touch the sensitive area. Pay attention to even the smallest reactions of your body, to gradually build up the pleasure.


With guys, you'll want the same thing. One of the best things about Vibrating Tray is that it can be used on any body, any gender. Let's start by bringing the vibrator to the abdomen and thighs. When approaching the 'baby lamb' area, start with the area between the anus and the testicles. Vibration of the Vibrating Trampoline can have an indirect effect on the prostate gland - it feels pretty amazing. 

You can use it with a lubricating gel to make the movement smoother.



You can use the Vibrator everywhere, from the vulva, to the C-Spot in women & around the 'baby lamb' in men. The strong vibration will give you irresistible pleasure.

In addition, Le Wand Vibrators are also great to use on other areas of the body such as breasts and thighs.

You can also use Le Wand Massager to relieve tension in muscle groups such as shoulder muscles, chest muscles, waist, calves etc.

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​Missionary - Traditional

The traditional posture will be raised to a new level when used with Chay Vib. Instead of lying on top of each other, partners can sit with their knees on the floor, bringing Chay Vib to the center while doing this pose with you. This is the position that will be suitable for stimulation for the longest time because you can lie comfortably while your partner takes the initiative with Chay Vib.


If you are using the Vibrating Chapel alone, you can lie comfortably, bring the Vibrating Chariot into position, and gently rock your hips to the rhythm of the vibration.


Doggy is a great pose when using the Vibrator, because you will have complete space & control over your body.

You can hold the vibrator, control it to the position you want, increase the intensity or change the mode at any time.


You can also try the low Cowgirl position, placing the Vibrating Club on the bed and bouncing the sensitive position with the Le Wand vibrator.

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wand-vibrators-couples-play-03 (1).gif


To perform the Cowgirl pose with the vibrating pestle, you will need your partner holding the vibrator to impact the C-Spot while you lean back slightly to get the momentum. This position is great when your partner can 'admire' the full orgasm you are experiencing.


If you are using the vibrator alone, you can place the vibrator on a pillow and bounce your body against the vibrator, to create intense bursts of pleasure.

BDSM Play - why not?

One of the 'turn-on' things in BDSM Play is power-play, when one person agrees to control or is controlled by another. Vibrating Hammers are a great tool for BDSM Play because they are truly so powerful that it's hard to resist.

The Vibrating Stick is suitable for hobbies such as: witnessing a partner climax, training… The controller can use the Vibrating Stick on the partner in the context of binding, and use the Vibrating Stick to stimulate many places on the body up to when you achieve irresistible pleasure.

Of course, all of the above requires the consent of all participants. Talk to your partner in advance if you want to add a 'powerful spice' to the fun.


WANDS friendly reminder

Vibration can be quite strong for some sensitive areas. The journey 'to the top' too fast will not be much fun either. For a better 'climbing' experience, remember to start slowly, gradually increase the speed, and practice 'playing' with the vibrator using circular movements, pressing - releasing v/v instead of just emphasizing the vibrator. into the sensitive area.


Can the vibrator be used in water?

Le Wand Petite is safe to use in the shower. 

Le Wand Plug-in & Le Wand Original cannot be used underwater. 


How to clean a vibrating pestle?

To clean the Vibrator, you can use a wet cloth to wipe it clean; or wash the silicone that comes into contact with the body with mild soap and cold water. Then dry it completely and store the vibrator in a storage bag.



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