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Delivery Policy

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How will my order be packed?

Confidential - Secured Box 

Privacy is one of the most important things to us. With a sealed confidential box, you will be the only one who is 'excited' to receive goods from Mood Company.

Your order will be packed in a plain Carton box, covered by a sealed bag & sealed with tape; There is no actual product name written on the box. Only 1 Logo (m.) is attached to help you easily locate the package you have ordered.

You can completely ask colleagues, friends, and relatives to receive the goods without hesitation.

How long is the Standard Delivery Time?

Delivery time nationwide: 2-4 working days

Delivery time Ho Chi Minh City: 1-3 working days 

You can track your order delivery progress through a shipping confirmation email from Mood Company. If the time has passed and you still have not received your order, you can directly contact for the fastest support.

What information will be on my box?

On the box will include: 1 Information sticker from Mood Company with only Order ID, shipping information, and 1 Shipping sticker from the carrier

I want immediate delivery. Does Mood support it?

Yes! Currently, with orders in Ho Chi Minh City, Mood has an Express Shipping service - Instant delivery for you.

With this service, Mood uses and charges shipping according to Grab Express or Ahamove shipping units.

Please select Express Shipping in the shipping option, Mood Company Customer Care staff will check the shipping fee upon receipt of your order & contact you at the phone number provided for immediate delivery assistance.


  • Express Shipping operates every day from 9AM - 9PM

  • Express Shipping is not eligible for free shipping programs.

How is my order shipped?

  1. After you click Place Order, Mood Company will send you an Order Confirmation email. If you choose the payment method Momo or Bank Transfer, please complete the payment now.

  2. After receiving payment, Mood Company will automatically send you a Shipping Confirmation email, including information about Bill of Lading Code & Link to look up delivery progress. Through this code & link, you can check the delivery progress at any time.

  3. Your box will be carefully packed by Mood Shipment Service & shipped by a reputable shipping company. 

Guarantee Policy

Your vibrator orders are protected by Mood Company with a 1 to 1 exchange policy within 48 hours of receipt.


My vibrator is not working upon receipt. What to do?

First of all, please note the instructions for installing the battery in the correct direction, screw the cap tightly (with the battery-powered vibrator) & the instructions for charging the device (with the rechargeable vibrator). These are very important notes and are often confused with a failure to open up which is very rare.

Then, if the inactivity persists, send an email to with the subject line 'EXCHANGE - #Order ID', with a video describing the product's condition.


Mood Customer Care staff will assist you to send the defective product back to Mood Company & send you a new product after verification. Mood on behalf of Sexual Wellness companies sincerely apologizes to you when there is an error from the manufacturer. The process of receiving and sending a new product may take a little more time, please allow Mood Company - the intermediary retailer - to support you well! 



  • In the event that the machine received is defective, a Mood Customer Service Representative will immediately send you a new product, completely free of charge, at no additional cost. Defective products will be sent back to the company for better collection & improvement.

  • In case the machine works normally (Because the battery has not been installed, charged or started properly), Mood Company will return this box to you and collect the two-way shipping fee.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers how Mood Company collects, stores & protects customer information. The Privacy Policy is applied throughout the Website, communication channels & communication content between Mood Company & its customers.


Your information may be collected through actions on the Website, communication channels such as creating orders, filling out registration forms to receive information. You may be asked for information about Name, Address, Phone Number, Email for ordering & connection purposes. This information is only collected when you actively fill in the information. Mood Company does not secretly collect any personally identifiable information from you.

Some other information is collected by the system anonymously (we won't know who you are) including: Access source, Access time, Website behavior... This information is used in the form of a report. Reporting, unidentified, helps Mood Company better understand and make better adjustments for its Website & communication channels.

Mood Company will use the information we collect for the following purposes: Fulfill orders, Improve user experience, Send important emails to you when you sign up to receive mail from Mood Company.

In addition, Mood Company fully protects user information, does not use or share customer information for any other purpose. Mood Company also does not collect information & produce any information on the Website, our communication channels are aimed at audiences under 18 years old.


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Safety certificate

Be safe when shopping! Vibrator brands at Mood Company have a full range of Safety Certifications to help ensure you don't buy a substandard product.


Certifications include ROHS (Standard for Hazardous Substances), CE (Certificate of European Circulation Standard), FCC (Certificate of Electronic Equipment Quality in circulation in the United States), IEC (Certificate to Standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission)…

In the tests, vibrator products must achieve a level of material safety (no harmful substances, no irritants) and meet the safety standards set for common electronic devices. through electromagnetic tests, drop & water resistance standards.

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As a retailer - Mood Company will do its best to provide the best support & policies to customers.

​If you encountered any problems, please reach out to us! (Yes! We love solving problems and receive feedbacks for better service). Don't hesitate to email up for the fastest support from Mood Team.

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