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​BST Vibrator Controlled via new App

Magic Fugu


​​Multipoint Vibrator

​control via APP

Magic Equinox


​​Anal Vibrator

​control via APP

Magic Nyx

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​​C-Spot vibrator mounted underpants controlled via APP

Magic Umi


​​Two motor vibrator

control via APP


Smart Penis Vibration Ring for Couples Controlled via APP

Magic Dante


​Discover sex-tech vibrators developed by Smilemakers Singapore team.

Smilemakers is a sexual & physiological healthcare brand from Singapore. The product lines of Vibrators (vibrators) and Lubricant (lubricant gels) from this brand are now present in many countries such as the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan... & have been achieved. many prestigious awards. Mood Company is proud to become Smilemakers' genuine retailer in Vietnam market

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 13.31.44.png
100% waterproof vibrator

Powerful vibration technology - Unique design

Lubricating gel

Don't let dryness stop any of your sublime moments!

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