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​Discover the newest and friendly sex-tech vibrators developed by Smilemakers!

Smilemakers is a sexual healthcare brand from Singapore that focuses on normalizing sexuality. Vibrators and Lubricants from this brand are now present in many countries such as the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan... & have achieved many prestigious awards.

Mood Company is proud to become Smilemakers' genuine retailer in the Vietnam market

Vi-Curious 2.0 improved version

Stronger . Smarter
More optimized styling

8 years ago, Smilemakers launched the first Vibrator Collection with 4 models of vibrator. The collection has created a 'new image' for female sexual products: more open, friendly and truly understanding of women.
After more than 8 years of 'changing perspective' and collecting thousands of opinions from women around the world, the new version is born!

​Choose Smilemakers vibrator

Finding the right vibrator is like finding a lover among so many options!

​But don't worry, we're here to help you find the perfect Smilemakers vibrator lover!

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